We’ve Arrived!

Thank you all for your continued support and prayers in preparation for our trip and now finally we’ve arrived! After a delayed start to our flight, we arrived safely in Edmonton yesterday morning. There we met up with our hosts who graciously guided us through downtown Edmonton. We were blessed to eat an extremely filling lunch at a Korean restaurant. Following a short orientation about what our days were going to look like at Saddle Lake, our team headed to check out a pow wow. It was a very lively experience with a lot of different dances being displayed as well as local crafts.

We stocked up on grocery supplies for the next couples days and then headed to Saddle Lake. We arrived on the reserve at 7:45pm and had one last meeting in the Youth Centre before splitting off to our respective host houses. It had been an extremely long day and the whole team was exhausted and tired but as we sat and had a brief session of worship and sharing, the team felt rejuvenated. As a team, we were encouraged to showcase Jesus’ light on the reserve, especially where there are parts of spiritual darkness. Please continue to pray for us to do so as we meet more locals, as well as for us to be quick to listen, and slow to speak. Additionally, we ask for your prayers to keep us healthy and energetic as there are still a few of us that are adjusting to the time lag. Praise God for providing us safety driving to Saddle Lake and staying overnight at our host houses.


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