The Half-Way Point…

It is hard to believe that we have hit the half-way point of this trip. Apologies to all that our blog updates have been few and far between. Our mornings begin quite early and by the time we all get back to our respective host homes in the late evening, we are just so tired that we quickly fall asleep in eager anticipation of the next day’s plans. The beautiful backdrop of the Northern Saskatchewan River that flows through the Saddle Lake Reserve is in no way indicative of the difficult situation here. We have all had the privilege of meeting and getting to know many people of all ages in Saddle Lake over the past few days. Whether it be in the elementary school, the high school, the youth centre, the outreach centre for young mothers, people homes, or just while walking on the roads, each person in Saddle Lake has his or her own personal story of hurt, pain, and death.

Please continue to remember the team. May we continue to be a comfort to the hurting and a light to those in darkness.

Pastor Edmund (May 12)


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  1. Hanna Esker says:

    Rebecca and Stan, my thoughts are with you every day….I hope you are well and your mission is being accomplished. I admire you. Faith makes a diffrence. God Bless. Hanna


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