May 18, 2017 – Day 1!

Hi friends!

Our team of 9 landed safely in Edmonton yesterday afternoon, the flight was smooth and we departed/arrived without any major delays! 🙂
Alberta is beautiful, the first thing we noticed is how there is so much more sky here! and the sun seems to be up longer so our internal clocks are all messed up right now.

We met up with the local missionary P and he shared some immediate prayer requests for all of us to keep in mind:

  • A (14 yr old) just found out she is pregnant and does not know what to do, she is contemplating abortion
  • A (~60yrs old) was beaten up by her granddaughter S and was hospitalized as a result, she has a cast for her broken wrist
  • G (teen) was recently demon possessed and admitted to a psyche ward, her grandmother has asked P to help pray for deliverance
  • this long weekend, a number of the natives participate in a ceremony where they fast and pray in a sweat lodge for 3 straight days to communicate with spirits and their ancestors. The spiritual warfare here is strong!

We are currently volunteering at the annual Native Youth Conference in Alberta where 200-300 Native youths attend from Thurs – Sun. For a lot of the youths, it is the highlight of their year as it is a safe place for them to have fun (and to hook up). Please pray that they will hear the Gospel and how this Good News can bring hope into their situations.

-T3C team


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