May 19, 2017 – Day 2!

Hi all!

Our first day volunteering at the conference was a long one, it felt like it’s been a week already and we can’t believe that it was only yesterday that we landed!

We’ve been spending a lot of time behind the scenes serving food, cleaning the washrooms, doing security and helping with the setup/tear down. In some ways I find this much easier than engaging the youth as I don’t know how to engage the youth sometimes.

We are also finding it hard to manage expectations as this is a group of youth we are not familiar with. During worship and the main session we’ve seen youth on their phones, chatting with each other, going in/out in large groups and overall just not engaged.

Some of our prayer requests for today:

  • Our energy levels, it’s only been one day but we are already feeling the drain (Priscilla, Wes & Matt are also feeling a sick)
  • Pray for the speakers (keynote & session) and worship team as it can be discouraging if we think in human terms
  • For God to place 2 youths for each of us to connect with and that we can follow up with

One praise item, we were able to connect with the boys from Saddle Lake (6 of them) and hung out with them until 1am chatting about many different topics. They shared about their broken families a little, learned about their culture and joking around.


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