May 20, 2017 – Day 3

Today was the last full day of camp and we were a bit better at pacing ourselves and making sure we were getting enough rest (unlike the first day!).

We are finding it relatively easy to engage the youth in spiritual conversations, I’m not sure if it’s because we are strangers but there isn’t that usual awkward silence when we ask questions. Esther had brought Perspective cards which is a great tool to use in guiding discussion. It was hard to see the two youths we were talking to select the "no purpose" card for meaning of life but it was a strong reminder of the great need for the Gospel in their lives. Right after that, we had to clean the pool showers which was very humbling and another reminder that in ministry we need to roll up our sleeves and get our hands dirty.

During the worship, the last song we sang was One Way. As I heard the voices, I saw a vision of the Native people being part of the choruses of all nations worshipping God.

The night time speaker had a altar call and there were maybe 30 who responded and asked for prayer. P told us that this was the largest response he has seen. For him it was showing that God is working amongst the Native people.

-T3C Team

Side note: we had Indian Tacos for lunch and they were AMAZING!!!!!!!!


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