May 22 – 23, 2017 (Day 5 & 6)

Hi all!
We are on the reserve, living in 3 different houses. The hosts are very nice and welcoming even though we are strangers. This was all possible because of the relationship that P has established with them over the years. A lot of people know P around the reserve and when we tell people we meet that we are friends with him, we are also received as friends.

One family didn’t know we were coming but fed us a bunch of food! P told us that usually people are very open to sharing food with guests, but nevertheless we gave back to the family by helping them mow their lawn and picking up garbage.


P calls it a ministry of presence, meaning he focuses on building a relationship first while not hiding the fact that he is a Christian. If people ask him about his faith, he is more than happy to talk with them about it.

We’ve heard a number of stories from survivors of the Indian residential schools. They were not allowed to speak Cree, they were told they were dark because they were not “clean”, they were told they were savages that needed to be civilized. There was shortage of food and abuse.

Some of the natives stressed the greater need of healing over finding solutions to their problems. It has been eye opening and heart breaking to see the great need for hope in this place.

Please pray for the Christians on the reserve that they may be able to share Christ’s love which will bring about the healing and reconciliation that they need.

– T3C 2017 team


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