May 24, 2017 – Day 7

Hi all,

We are understanding what the ministry of presence looks like. There’s a gas station/convenience store that P makes a point to go to every other day. It’s part of his way of making himself known around the reserve. We have been going everyday (mostly for snacks) and have met a lot of people. I guess a group of 10 Asians in a Native Reserve stand out a little.

Last night, a couple approached us at the gas station and asked if we got drive them down the street because there was word that bears were in the area.

At the youth center, we ran drop in basketball and volleyball. We spent time playing with them and also made some food for them. The youth center is very important to the youth as it is a safe place for them to have fun.

Beside the youth center was a wake. P did not know the family but still popped in to say hi.

We spent the day helping out at a Christian school, we are told there is only maybe two Christian schools in all of the 700ish reserves in Canada. The kids really love our presence and can’t wait to play soccer with us at recess.


At night we cooked dinner with one of the hosts. It was like we were a family even though we just met.

All these little interactions and more helped me understand that they are necessary for reconciliation and healing which in turn will lead to Gospel opportunities. P reminds us that we are not reaching the unreached but the misreached.

-T3C 2017 STM


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