May 25, 2017 – Day 8

Hi all!

Today was our last full day at Saddle Lake. We visited Blue Quills which used to be a residential school. It was the first one to become Native run in Canada and today it is a Native run University.

It was haunting walking through the rooms and hearing about the sort of things that happened there. There was a furnace where they threw babies Into because they weren’t allowed to have kids at the school. We heard more of these stories and it was heart breaking how this trauma gets passed down generationally. On the flip side, it was encouraging to hear how one current student said “this school took my dad away, I’m here to get him back”.

We also went to St. Paul, a close by town. It is home to the world’s first UFO landing spot. Canada is weird.

We spent our last night hanging out at one of the host families house. The trip was too short and many of us would like to come back soon.

-T3C 2017 team


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