May 17, 2018 – Here we go!

Hi everyone! On behalf of the team (Everett, Matt, Renie & Roxy) we wanted to thank you for joining us on this journey! We will try updating everyday if possible and will be posting up prayer requests. We really really need and appreciate your prayers 🙂

We are leaving The 6ix at 12:30pm today and will be landing at 2:40pm in Edmonton. We are going to be spending the 17th – 21st at the annual Native Youth Conference (NYC). It is a fairly large Christian youth conference with 300-400 attendees coming from all over (including the states)!

Afterwards from the 21st – 25th we will be living on Saddle Lake Reserve and spend the day at the Healing Lodge learning about their healing practices and hoping be able to share some of our perspective on where we find healing. At night we will be spending time at the community centre, visiting different families and spending time with our host family.

It is Everett, Renie & Roxy’s first time on a missions trip, please pray for peace as they are feeling a bit nervous and not sure what to expect.

There will be 24 youth coming from Saddle Lake to NYC, please pray for strength for Philip the missionary at Saddle Lake who is coordinating everything.

Lastly, please pray for all of the youth who will be attending the conference, that they would have open hearts and minds to receive the message that God has already planned for them to hear.




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