May 17, 2018 – Day One

Hi Friends!

We arrived safely and at the recommendation of the Google, we visited a Mexican restaurant in the area before heading off to NYC (the food portions were enormous!!)

For myself (Matt) it was great being back at NYC and seeing so many familiar faces. Even though I had met them a year ago and only had a handful of conversations together, it was like seeing old friends again. Especially the youth that I had seen last year, they were so happy to see me back.

The conference hadn’t started yet but was already hit with setbacks. There was a miscommunication with the worship band, they thought it was next week! So they put together a team last minute. One of the guests also could not take their flight so he ended up driving from LA (!) and had just made it in time for his night session. Please continue praying for spiritual protection!

Also, back in Saddle Lake, Phil tells us that it is the big annual sweat lodge (it is a spiritual practice where they fast, sing and communicate with spirits (see Wikipedia)). As a team we have decided to fast breakfast and to pray for this. Please join us in prayer this weekend!


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