May 18, 2018 – Day 2

Hi friends!

Day 2 of NYC (Native Youth Conference) was a blast! We started the day off by praying as a team and fasting breakfast. During the day, we help with security and also act as ‘chaperones’ for the Saddle Lake youth. We were also able to explore Camp Nakamun and play a bunch of sports with the youth.

It was also a blessing to be able to connect and talk with a lot of people including Robert (Little Battle Axe), some Native volunteers, and the camp speaker, Pastor Immanuel Chiwele.

Robert is a rapper and is known as ‘Little Battle Axe’. He and his wife, Regina travel and share the Hope of the Gospel through music. He performed for us on the first night! One of the workshop leaders, Monique, shared to us her testimony and how God turned her life around despite her broken family. Pastor Immanuel shared a really powerful message about the story of David, Jonathan and Mephibosheth. It was amazing to be reminded that God wants to know us and pursues us despite our brokenness.

Personally, I (Renie) was a bit discouraged when a lot of youth didn’t seem to pay attention during the night session. A lot of them were talking to each other and on their phones. During debrief, however, my mom (Roxy) and I got the opportunity to connect with the 7 Saddle Lake girls in our cabin. Though they were hesitant to share at first, they started to open up slowly but surely. My mom was able to share the goodness of God’s grace and how it’s “up for grabs” and we only need to ACCEPT the gift.

Please pray that God continue to soften hearts and open the eyes of the youth. Also, pray for opportunities for us to share God’s goodness in our lives and that God give us the courage to step out of our comfort zone and to the uncomfortable (hola Pastor Ian!).

In Him,




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  1. randomnames says:

    Thanks for this post! Praying for more opportunities to share with the youth, courage to share, and boldness while sharing.


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