May 19, 2018 – Day 3

Hi everyone!

In the morning, we fasted breakfast and went by the dock to pray. We continued to pray for the conference and the 4 days of sweat lodge currently going on at Saddle Lake.

For lunch, we got to eat Indian tacos! We also got to pray for Pastor Chiwele and his sermon for the night session.

Indian Taco on Fried Bannock

We then did some tile painting and were able to connect with a bunch of youth. They taught us some Cree and we also taught them a bit of Mandarin! We gave them Chinese names and they gave us Cree names too! (I ruined their paintings by my mediocre Chinese handwriting..)

Before the night session, we were able to join in and pray with the NYC leaders. The prayer circle consisted of different ethnicities and age groups. Everyone prayed with authority as the Holy Spirit surrounded us. It felt really powerful and it was a glimpse of what ‘every tribe and tongue’ worshipping the same God looked like.

Prayer words

Although the worship band were not there (mixed up the dates), God provided and people volunteered to lead worship. Good Good Father and Reckless Love reminded me once again of our Father’s relentless love and His pursuit of us despite our stubbornness.

The sermon was about self-image and how our worth is found in Jesus. He used a really cool coin analogy of a coin stamp with the image of the Queen and how we are made in the image of God. However, the coin became dirty and the image can no longer be seen because of our sin. It is only by the blood of Christ can that layer of dirt be washed away and the stamp of the Queen be seen again.

WAKANDA FOREVER with Pastor Chiwele

Towards the end of the sermon, Pastor Chiwele singled out each community and asked everyone from each community to stand up. Everyone then held out their hands and prayed for each community. We felt that Pastor Chiwele empowering the communities to go be the light to their own communities was very powerful as it’s a way of keeping each of the youth accountable.

group photo nyc
Native Youth Conference group photo

There was also a talent show after the session (like Snowcamp Got Talent!). It was really nice seeing everyone cheering for the person performing even if they’re not the best and they’ve only met them during the conference.

We had a debrief with the Saddle Lake girls afterwards. We sat in a circle and shared how our days went, including the most significant lesson we learned today. Most of the girls shared about how their identity was not found in relationships and material things but rather found in God. We were really encouraged by what they have shared! We’re really thankful for what God has been doing and we look forward to witnessing more of His work manifesting.

In Him,



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