May 24, 2018 – Day 8

Hey everyone!

Sadly, yesterday’s Healing Lodge parenting workshop was the last one. But we went back to the Healing Lodge and prayed for 2 ladies that worked there, Treena and Leona. Their busy schedule working as the emergency response team had burned them out (They would reach out to the families in the community that recently experienced death within their family). We prayed that they would continue to experience God’s love, provision, and be a light in their community.WhatsApp Image 2018-05-28 at 1.04.36 AM

Afterwards, we headed to the Water Purifying Center to fill Alice’s water bottles because we used them all up on our instant noodles and “cooking”. Once we filled the bottles, we headed to Christian elementary school in Saddle Lake that is run by Mavis. Mavis has plans to expand the Christian school so that they will be able to teach more students. We prayed together that God will provide them with the funds to expand their facility and that He will provide them with more teachers as well.

Then, we drove to St. Paul to eat lunch at Silver Star Dining & Lounge with Phil and Candice. As one of the only Chinese restaurants in the city, we had to go to this place. Sadly, the place only had “White-Chinese Food”. However, Matt and I were able to connect with the workers at the restaurant because they spoke Cantonese J. The workers at the restaurant actually remembered that the previous team also ate at the restaurant with Phil. After lunch, we went over to the Christian bookstore beside the restaurant to pick up gifts for Alice and the Healing Lodge.

Chinese food with fork and knife instead of chopsticks?

We drove to Blue Quills University, the first Indigenous-controlled university, and met up with Phil. Blue Quills was once a residential school controlled by the government. The government wanted to shut down the school but due to the First Nations perseverance, they were able to take full control of the school. We received a short tour from one of the Masters students at the University. We even got a souvenir from the university! A copy of the “Statement of apology to former students of Indian Residential Schools” by Stephen Harper.

Afterwards, we went back to St. Paul to visit the Hampton Inn. We were able to get some free coffee and tea in the lobby! Phil actually designed the inn and said the inn has “the biggest gym in any Hampton Inn in North America” and also has “the only art gallery in any Hampton Inn in North America”. The inn also provides great job opportunities for First Nations.WhatsApp Image 2018-05-28 at 12.54.39 AM (3)

We headed back to Alice’s house to drop off the water bottles and eat dinner. Another healthy dinner with instant noodles and processed sausages. Thankfully Alice also made us some grilled cheese to fill us up.

We went back to the Healing Lodge to drop off our gift to the ladies at the lodge. Then Roxy began to encourage them in their faith and boldness.


We said our final goodbyes headed to Candice’s house. At Candice’s, we stuffed ourselves with pizza and snacks. We also brought ghost pepper hot sauce for Phil because he loves spicy food. He loved the hot sauce but it was way too spicy for some of us. Roxy had to ask Candice for milk xD. We spent a couple hours at her house playing Crazy 8s and talking with one another. Emmy (Candice’s youngest daughter) ‘beat’ everyone in arm wrestling! Renie played hide and seek with Emmy and Roxy read Emmy a bedtime story. Candice had a cute dog and cat too! ❤

Please pray that Treena and Leona will continue to be a light in their community because many people come in and out of the Healing Lodge and that they will be able to find rest in Christ despite having busy schedules. Also, please pray for Candice as she’s currently seeking for who to pray to.

– Everett







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