May 25, 2018 – Day 9

We can’t believe it’s already Day 9! It honestly went by too quickly. We started off the day with Alice’s homemade blueberry pancakes. There’s a running joke among the community that everyone has their own “secret bush” that they pick from and no one tells anyone where their patch is. Alice actually went to her secret bush and picked the blueberries for us! Before we departed, we prayed together with Alice. We asked God to reveal Himself to her and that one day she will be the light in her family and community. We thanked her for providing us with a roof over our heads and quickly said goodbye to her two dogs. Hopefully we’ll be able to see her again when she visits Toronto!

Then, we had to rush over to Edmonton. The GPS estimated it would take 1 hour and 45 minutes to get there but we had to beat the clock because we had to meet up with Phil before our flight. Thanks to Matt’s amazing driving, we arrived within 1 hour and 30 minutes! Funny enough, we met Phil at a 7/11 in a plaza called Blue Quills, on a street called Saddleback. He kindly bought us a couple snacks for us to eat on our way back to Toronto. Phil wanted to meet us at the plaza because there was a free BBQ at the plaza with NDP Richard Feehan. Richard is the Minister of Indigenous Relations in Edmonton. Just so if you were wondering, the burgers were delicious. Would definitely recommend the minister’s burgers!


We went to the car wash to make the car a little more presentable before giving it back to the Alamo. We dropped the car off and quickly went to security check and gate.
As we were preparing to board the plane, we knew it was time to leave but were sad that we had to leave already. There was just so much to do in such a small amount of time.

Please pray for the community of Saddle Lake and Phil’s continuous efforts to help the community. Also, please pray for each and every individual we met. That during our time at the reserve, we were able to touch their hearts by showing them God’s love.

– Everett
Until next time Saddle Lake!



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